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High Power LED Light Bulbs - SP50 LED Light Bulbs

High Power LED Light Bulbs - SP50 LED Light Bulbs The high power LED light bulbs SP50 are indoor lighting sources, and can be used for homes, shopping centers, conference rooms, display counters lighting and decoration. The SP50 LED light bulbs are usually installed in the canister lamp case (minimum 2.5 inch).

There are several bases available for the SP50 LED Light bulbs, which are E27, E26, E17, E14, E12, and GU10.

High Power LED Light Bulbs SP50 Specifications
Model Name
LED Light Bulbs
Model No.
Power Consumption
3 Watt
Luminous Flux
Working Voltage
12VAC/DC, 85-264VAC
Life Span
> 50,000 Hours
E27, E26, E17, E14, E12, GU10
3 Years

High Power LED Light Bulbs SP50 Main Specifications
Model Number
SP50 LED Light Bulbs
Model Name
LED Light Bulbs

¢50 x 71mm

Emission Color

Pure White, Warm White (Color LED bulbs: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue optional)

Color Temperature

Pure White: 5,000 – 7,000K, Warm White: 3,000 – 4,000K


Ra > 70

Luminescence Angle




Working Voltage

85-264VAC or 12VAC/DC

Power Consumption


Lamp Lens


Lamp Cup Radiator

Alloy Aluminum Plating

Lamp Base

E27, E26, E17, E14, E12, GU10




1 pc/White Box, 10 pcs/Middle Box, 100 pcs/Carton

Carton Size

584 x 458 x 372 mm

Container Q’ty (pcs)

20’Q: 28,800 pcs 40’Q: 60,000 pcs, 40’HQ: 70,000 pcs

SP50 LED Light Bulbs Photometric Performance

The beam pattern of the SP50 LED light bulbs can be controlled with in 30 degrees, reduced the brightness loss furthest, apply with different topical lighting requirements, can be used for offices, commercial lighting and home lighting.

The Different Height Illumination Distribution for SP50 LED Light Bulbs

The Different Height Illumination Distribution for SP50 LED Light Bulbs

Plane Equiluminous Distribution (Beam Pattern) and Distribution Curve for SP50 LED Light Bulbs

Plane Equiluminous Distribution (Beam Pattern) and Distribution Curve for SP50 LED Light Bulbs

SP50 LED Light Bulbs Special Features and Characteristics

  1. With proprietary optical technology. high beam pattern definition and brightness uniformity;
  2. Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design. The lens have both light focus and protection LED protection function, avoid the brightness wastage, let the product looks more concise beauty.
  3. Creative High Power LED Planar Combine Packaging. Radiator and Lamp holder Integration. Fully protect LED life and heat dissipation requirements, satisfied with the structure and design of LED Lights fundamentally, which the most distinctive features of LED Lights;
  4. Tremendous Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs: Used the ultra high power, high brightness LED light source ,together with the high power efficiency power supply, which can save energy up to 80% than the conventional incandescent lamps, under the same power consumption, the brightness is 8 times than the traditional incandescent lamps;
  5. Long Life, Up to 50,000 Hours. 50 times than the conventional tungsten wire lamp: Used highly reliable, advanced LED packaging technology - Eutectic Welding, fully guaranteed the LED long life;
  6. No Strobe Flashing, Working under DC, eliminate the tireless which caused by the traditional strobe flashing;
  7. Green and Environmental Protection: no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution;
  8. Impact Resistance, Shock-proof. Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body;
  9. Work under Low-voltage and Low-Heat. Safe and Reliable: The surface temperature is less than (Ta=25℃ ambient temperature);
  10. Adopting the PWM constant-current technology. with high efficiency, low heat and high precision constant current;
  11. Global Wide Working Voltage. With constant-current under 85-264VAC entire voltage range, the brightness and lifetime will be not influenced b the voltage fluctuations;
  12. Reduced Line Loss, No Pollution to Power Network. Power factor ≥0.9, THD≤20%, EMI apply with the global universal index, reduce the power loss and transmission lines to avoid contamination of the network of high frequency interference;
  13. With Various Universal standard bases. Can replace the halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lamp directly;
  14. High brightness efficiency. Up to 80lm/w, various color temperature optional, High Color Index, Nice Coloration;
  15. With various certifications: CE, RoHS, UL.
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