LED Street Lights Model LU1

LED Street Lights Model LU1 DMX high power LED street lights model LU1 is a new technology LED street lights lamp that is a very high energy saving LED lamp using 28 watts to reach 2,100 lumens.

The LED street lights can be powered by a solar panel to convert the LED street lights into solar street lighting lamp. This results our street lights into a super energy saver and powered by green energy.
  • Super rated high power LED street lights to replace the traditional light source: green environmental protection and energy efficient;
  • Rectangular beam pattern design, realizing high intensity, high uniformity, and eliminates glare;
  • 360 degree rotation lamp holder design, replace the conventional lamp directly, save costs, and easy maintenance.

DMX High Power LED Street Lights Model LU1

With generous appearance, novel and unique, the high power street lights LU1 are designed for the street lighting demand and fully meets the special requirements of street lighting. This product adopts the high power LED's as the light source, using dozens of high power emitters of 1 watt per LED. With the world’s leading optical allocation, advanced thermal, structural and circuit design, it is a highly cost-effective LED street light product.

LED Street Lights Model LU1The high power LED street lights adopt the high reliable eutectic welding LED packaging process, the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion, and mechanical soundness standard uis higher than the ordinary silver epoxy packaging. Excellent heat dissipation design, LED junction temperature can be controlled in an ideal temperature (Tj < 70°C).

Fully guarantee and long life of the LED. High power factor and low harmonic distortion reduce power loss on transmission lines, avoid high frequency interference contamination power networks. Adopting surface anodize lampshade (lens) using engineering plastics PC, with resisting acid corrosion, smoke corrosion, ultraviolet aging characteristics.

LED technology is increasingly being used in street light applications due to its longer life and energy-saving qualities. Compared to an HPS street light, the LED street lights will last up to 50,000 hours and significantly reduce light pollution.

LED Street Lights will also be better equipped to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures than the traditional HPS Street Lights, which makes it suited for outdoor use. Moreover, LED Street Light has a 100 to 1,000 times faster response, even no delay, which results in sharp, pure color.

Apply to replace: High-pressure mercury lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps.
Apply to install: Expressway, highway, roads, sub-roads, sidewalks, square sport grounds, industrial plants, and other advertising lights.

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