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About DMX LED Lights

DMX LED Lights is a high tech company that focuses on manufacturing, supplying and exporting indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED streetlights, energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent lighting and LED traffic lights to retail stores, wholesalers, governmental institutions, trading companies and distributors of LED lights. Founded in 2005 we started our business with manufacturing and selling LED displays and obtained a large domestic and international market share.

High Quality LED Lights and CFL Light Bulbs

Due to our experience and knowledge, our clients can be assured of our high quality products and support. Most of our products have the RoHS, CE, and/or UL certificates obtained under the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our factory has been producing fluorescent lamps and CFL light bulbs for big multinationals like Philips for many years, and can ship hundreds of containers monthly of LED lights and CFL light bulbs to our clients. With a plant of over 70,000 m² and more than 1600 employees, we can handle a high capacity of orders.

DMX LED Lights Logistics

With offices in Hong Kong, China and Mexico we can provide all our global clients a complete solution of logistics from door to door without that our clients have to leave their offices. Our logistics department takes care of the complete packaging and shipping and assists also in the exportation and importation of the LED lighting products which can be shipped globally to any country and city that our clients desire.

Why choose DMX LED Lights as Your Provider

There are many reasons why choosing us as your distributor of LED lights and CFL light bulbs. Our LED lights and CFL light bulbs are of the highest quality and chosen by large enterprises who are looking for that quality for a competitive price. Our most most important keys are the following:
  • Our LED lights and CFL light bulbs have the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification;
  • CE Certifications for our LED lights and CFL light bulbs;
  • RoHZ Certificates;
  • Excellent, Technical Innovation;
  • Price performance ratio;
  • Contract Performance and Credibility;
  • Up to 3 years of warranty;
  • Post sale assistance;
  • High expertise and know-how about LED lights, CFL Light Bulbs, and LED Street lights;
  • Personalized sales and less than 24 hours response on all inquiries;
  • Sales and support in English, Spanish and Dutch;
  • Fully functional logistics department resolving logistics issues for our clients.

Other LED Based Products of DMX Tecnologias

DMX Tecnologias has several other companies that are also selling LED based products worldwide. One of the most important LED based products we are selling are indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED displays and LED Screens for publicity, and stadium LED displays. For more information about those products please refer to our sites, which are: If you want more information about our company, or you want information and/or prices for our LED lights, LED street lights, and CFL light bulbs, please don't hesitate in contacting us, and with pleasure we will attend your inquiry.

"dmxledlights.com, let's light our green world with energy saving LED lights of the future and stop the greenhouse effect!"