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DMX LED Lights is a high tech company that focuses on the manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and export of indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED streetlights, energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent lighting and LED traffic lights to retail stores, wholesalers, governmental institutions, trading companies and distributors of LED lights. Founded in 2005 we started our business with manufacturing and selling LED displays and LED Screens and obtained a large domestic and international market share.

LED Lights, Energy Saving Light Bulbs and MR16 LED Lamps and Light Bulbs

In today’s world, the gradual depletion and the gradually detoriated environment is becoming a great challenge for us. LED lights and MR16 LED lamps and light bulbs and energy saving lamps are the most Green Lighting Source in the 21st century, which is the criterion of the Energy Saving and environmental protection. Most of the countries in the world use policies and rules to map out the wide spread plan. A revolutionary war in the lighting field is coming up.

In the past three years, we have invested a tremendous amount of manpower and resources. Committed to developing a new generation of Semiconductor LED lighting products, these products have been published right now. They need only 20% of the power consumption of traditional light bulbs, which can generate 80 lumens for each watt and has super long life, up to 50,000 hours and more, also 10 times more brightness than the traditional light bulb. Now, all this is no longer inconceivable, in our efforts, it has become reality.

LED Lights, MR16 LED Lamps and LED Light Bulbs vs Green GDP

Mexico for example pays extremely for the expenses caused by the environmental pollution each year. According to the reports of 2004 of the “Mexican Green Civil Economic Calculation” (PIB Verde or Green GDP), it shows that Mexico pays $41,455.8 Million USD on the expenses for the environmental pollution in 2004, which is about 4.4% of the total GDP of 2004. Imagine what will be the Green GDP for Mexico in 2009.

So that replacing conventional lights by advanced energy saving LED lights and MR16 LED lamps is an exigent demand for human survival, environmental protection, civil economical prorogation and profitable to our next generation!

LED Lights - Tremendous Energy Saving Lamps

Uses ultra high power, high brightness LED light source, together with the high power efficiency power supply, which saves energy from 50%-80% than the conventional sodium and mercury lamps.

LED Lights - Long Life, more than 50,000 hours

If LED lights are working for about 10 hours a day, LED lights can be used for more than 13 years, which is 5 to 10 times more working life than traditional sodium lamps or mercury lamps.

LED Lights - No Pollution to Power Networks

Power factor ≥ 0.9, THD ≤ 20%, EMI apply with the global universal index, reduce the power loss and transmission lines to avoid contamination of the network of high frequency interference..